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We are currently translating our book in English. Want to receive the translation as one of the first? Order our first two modules on this page!


In the fall of 2018, we received an overwhelming amount of requests to translate our book into English. Therefore, we decided to give it a try, and make it an experiment. The experiment is really simple: we invested in the translation of two modules (the introduction module and the ‘memory’ module). If there are enough people who like these translations, we will continue the translation of the complete book. So, if you support this project, please buy our first two modules via the link on the right side of the page!

Limited offer

Because this is an experiment, we decided to offer you the first two modules for only $9,99! If you want to ‘pre-order’ the whole book and support the project, you can order the whole book for only $30,-. If there are not enough copies sold within 2019, we will refund $20,-. If you only want to test these two modules, you can wait for the others to be translated. In the first month, we will always provide a discount.